Data Subscriptions

What data can you access on each Modo subscription?

SubscriptionAvailable Datasets
FreeModo Daily BESS Index (GB)
Modo Monthly BESS Index (GB)
Modo Live Detailed System Price (GB)
Modo Live NIV (GB)
Modo Live System Price (GB)
Modo BESS Index (ERCOT)
Modo Live Grid Frequency Data (London)

Sheffield Solar - Solar Generation in GB
Sheffield Solar - List of Regions for Live PV

All Elexon datasets (GB)
All National Grid datasets (GB)
All ERCOT datasets (ERCOT)
Benchmark Pro GBModo Asset Database (GB)
Modo BESS Asset Operations (GB)
Modo BESS Index Breakdown (Leaderboard) (GB)
Modo Monthly Leaderboard (GB)
Benchmark Pro ERCOTModo BESS Index Breakdown (Leaderboard) (ERCOT)
Modo BESS Physical Operations and Availability (ERCOT)
Forecast Pro - GB Hourly Forward CurveModo Hourly GB Forward Power Curve
Data Pro - GB Full Data Coverage

The complete suite of GB wholesale power price data, including all Intraday and Day-Ahead markets across both Nordpool and EPEX.
EPEX Live Continuous Intraday Contract Info Report
EPEX Live Continuous Intraday Public Trade Confirmation Report
EPEX Live Continuous Intraday Detailed Trades
EPEX Live Continuous Intraday OHLC
EPEX Live Continuous Intraday Reference Price
EPEX Live Continuous Intraday Reference Price HH
EPEX Live Continuous Order Book
EPEX Continuous Intraday Reference Price EOD
EPEX DA Half-hourly (GB)
EPEX DA Hourly (GB)
EPEX IDA1 Results (GB)
EPEX IDA2 Results (GB)

N2EX Day-ahead Block Order (GB)
N2EX Day-ahead Prices (GB)
N2EX Day-ahead Purchase Volumes (GB)
N2EX Day-ahead Sales Volumes (GB)

Sheffield Solar - Solar Generation Forecast in GB
Sheffield Solar - List of Regions for Forecast PV
Data Pro - Europe Power Prices

Day-ahead European power price data for Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.
N2EX European Block Orders (CWE + Nordics)
N2EX European Prices (CWE + Nordics)
N2EX European Purchase Volume (CWE + Nordics)
N2EX European Sales Volume (CWE + Nordics)