• We've changed the filtering for our Elexon Physical Notifications dataset so you can now call any length of time you like. Be warned, this is a lot of data!
  • We've fixed our DX historic data (DX results by unit, and DX results summary). Before the release of the EAC platform this data was provided in UK local time, and now is provided in UTC. It's all been converted to UTC.
  • We've implemented new security protocols for our EPEX live connection, and released some backend improvements to our EPEX reliability.




We now have the EPEX Live Continuous Order Book endpoint live on our API.


We're filling up our suite of CAISO datasets. This release we have:



We've started the rollout of our timezones functionality with our ERCOT datasets. Any dataset in ERCOT with datetime values (i.e. "2024-04-18T12:36:17") has now got timezone information attached to it (i.e. "2024-04-18T12:36:17+01:00" for me in London right now).

It has a super handy functionality on the reference page with an optional dropdown menu, so you can choose what timezone to query and receive data in. If you don't select one, you will automatically receive data in UTC.

Example of the new timezone parameter.

Example of the new timezone parameter.

Check out an example endpoint to get started.

New geography alert!

We now have 4 CAISO datasets on the API.

These are:

  • Locational Marginal Prices for each Node in the Day-Ahead Integrated Forward Market for Energy.
  • Locational Marginal Prices for each Node in the Day-Ahead Integrated Forward Market for Residual Unit Commitment.
  • Locational Marginal Prices in the Real-Time Market for the Real-Time Pre-Dispatch (Fifteen Minute Market, FMM).
  • Locational Marginal Prices in the Real-Time Market for Real-Time Dispatch (5 minute market).

Check them out here.



We've extended our historical data for our Elexon Insights, to ensure that we've got historical parity with our Elexon BMRS endpoints. This is so that we're ready for BMRS being commissioned during late April 2024.

Our Elexon Insights Settlement Endpoints - System Price and NIV (DISEBSP) and Detailed System Price (ISPSTACK) , which do not have historical data at source, have had their historical data mapped backwards to the start of 2020 from equivalent BMRS datasets.

Our Asset Operations and Monthly Leaderboard have both had a br column added, to reflect the new Balancing Reserve results.



Balancing Reserve

We've got new National Grid Balancing Reserve datasets live on our API. Check out:


We've separated out our Elexon section into the two Elexon data sources we pull from, BMRS and Insights. This is to prepare for the retirement of BMRS in April 2024. We will pull BMRS data until then.


We've got two new exciting endpoints for ERCOT.



We've added some datasets from Elexon Insights:

  • Total Load Forecast per Bidding Zone - Day-Ahead (DATL)
  • Wind and Solar Generation Forecast - Day-Ahead (DGWS)
  • BMU IDs and Fuel Types
  • Loss of Load Probability and De-rated Margin (LOLPDRM)
  • System Warnings (SYSWARN)
  • Detailed System Price (ISPSTACK)
  • System Price and NIV (DISEBSP)

This completes our transition from the Elexon BMRS service, which is to be decommissioned in April 2024, to the Elexon Insights service. Have a look, and let us know what else you think should be added!



We've completed our set of EPEX data with one final dataset:

This is the historical data for the EPEX intraday reference price, released by EPEX at the end of the day.

We've also added our 4 EPEX Auction endpoints (DA hourly, DA half-hourly, IDA1 and IDA2) to data downloads.

Monthly Leaderboard - column rename

We've renamed the column rated_power_mv to rated_power_mw in the Monthly Leaderboard dataset.

We've tidied up the place

We've put some of our endpoints into subfolders and given some a rename.

  • Our EPEX Live endpoints are in their own subfolder within EPEX.
  • To prepare for Elexon's BMRS data service being replaced by Elexon Insights, the Elexon BMRS data has been separated into its own subfolder. All the other Elexon Insights endpoints have been separated into Dynamic BM, Physical BM, Forecasts, and System as well.
  • Our ERCOT datasets have been rearranged into sub-folders (DAM, RTM, SASM and System) and they have been renamed.

We made this change to make it as easy to find the data you need as possible. Any questions? Click the question mark in the bottom right to get chatting to us.

1.13 - EPEX Live!

by Samira Kelly



We've released our brand new set of EPEX data.


We're now using live data from the EPEX M7 to produce real-time indices for the GB intraday continuous electricity market.

We are collecting improved versions of:

  • EPEX Live Continuous Intraday Contract Info Report
  • EPEX Live Continuous Intraday Public Trade Confirmation Report

Directly from EPEX, which are combined into:

  • EPEX Live Continuous Intraday Detailed Trades

This is then used to calculate our live indices, which updates as every trade is made. This includes:

Reference Prices for each period:

  • EPEX Live Continuous Intraday Reference Price
  • EPEX Live Continuous Intraday Reference Price HH

Open High Low Close data for each period:

  • EPEX Live Continuous Intraday OHLC

FTP formats

We've made further improvements to the format of our EPEX day-ahead and intraday auction endpoints (DA and IDA, respectively). This change affects:

  • EPEX Day-Ahead Half-Hourly
  • EPEX Day-Ahead Hourly
  • EPEX IDA1 results (title changed from "EPEX ID D1")
  • EPEX IDA2 results (title changed from "EPEX ID D")

The change consists of:

  • Reformatting the data into a non-nested format, as a time series, to make it easier to use.
  • Handling daylight savings hours by converting into UTC rather than local time.
  • Adding unit columns.
  • Making column names consistent with our N2EX endpoints so you can easily compare all wholesale data.

Check out our set of new and improved endpoints for EPEX, and let us know what you think!

Other changes

We've fixed the ERCOT RTM - Historical energy prices endpoint which now should have a full set of data.

The Generation by Fuel Type (Elexon) endpoint has been renamed from Frequency Generation type.