1.11 - BM data, Pagination, Benchmarking renames


1.10 - URL change for Benchmarking endpoints


1.9 - ERCOT updates


1.8 - GB asset database


1.7 - Minor bug fixes

We made minor several updates to the API:

1.6 - The channel is not that big

Europe is an API away

1.5 - The Historical One

From the past we learn

1.4- Far and Instantaneous, Faster

EPEX Raw data (All) + GB Power Curves + Faster NG and Elexon

1.3.1 - EPEX, Parsimoniously

EPEX Raw data (Half Hourly Product)

1.3 - Across the Pond and Deeper in Britain

Solar Generation Forecast, 10Hz Frequency, ERCOT, UX/UI