Modo Monthly Leaderboard GB

A guide to using our monthly leaderboard dataset, especially for those using Data Downloads.

This dataset, available via API and Data Downloads, is customisable and contains many different versions of leaderboard rankings. Therefore, it has a lot of filtering options. The way to do this with the unfiltered data, like you receive from data downloads or without using the optional parameters on the API, is described here. This filtering is equivalent to using the optional API parameters. Follow all the filtering guidance below to achieve a single leaderboard customised how you like.

Asset, owner, or operator leaderboards

This dataset has separate leaderboards which rank individual assets, owners, and operators.

  • By asset: Deselect any blank rows in the asset column.
  • By owner: Select only blank rows in the asset column. Then, deselect blank rows in the owner column.
  • By operator: Select only blank rows in the asset column. Then, deselect blank rows in the operator column.

Different units

Many of the repeat leaderboards come from our selection of six units, all of which have a leaderboard. By filtering the overall_units column, you can choose from:

  • GBP per hour per MW
  • GBP per hour per MWh
  • GBP per month per MW
  • GBP per month per MWh
  • GBP per year per MW
  • GBP per year per MWh

BMU leaderboards

The is_bmu column is a little tricky. If you filter to rows where it is 'True', it returns a leaderboard with only BMU (balancing mechanism unit) assets. If you filter is_bmu to 'False', this gives a leaderboard of all assets. Both of these separate leaderboards are presented if this is not filtered. This is only relevant for the asset leaderboards (rather than owner and operator leaderboards).

Long-term capacity market income

The is_long_term column determines whether the leaderboard contains long-term capacity market income. If filtered to 'True', this returns the leaderboard with the capacity market income, and if filtered to 'False', this is not included. The capacity market income affects the rankings, and so results in separate leaderboards.