Wholesale Power Prices

We've got ALL of the Day ahead and intraday auction clearing prices for GB and Europe

The Modo Energy API has endpoints from Nordpool and EPEX covering GB and European power auctions, available all in one place

Available to Data Pro users:

  • Nordpool N2EX Day Ahead hourly GB
  • EPEX Day Ahead auctions: hourly and half-hourly
  • EPEX Intraday auctions: ID1 and ID2

As well as endpoints for European power auctions:

  • Nordpool Day Ahead Central/Western Europe
  • Nordpool Day Ahead Nordics

For more information on these markets, checkout this explainer on the Modo Energy platform.

EPEX Day-Ahead 60 Minute09:20 day-ahead of deliveryhttps://api.modoenergy.com/pub/v1/gb/n2ex/day-ahead-hourly/prices
N2EX Day Ahead Hourly09:50 day-ahead of deliveryhttps://api.modoenergy.com/pub/v1/gb/epex/day-ahead/hourly
EPEX Day-Ahead 30 Minute15:30 day-ahead of delivery<https://api.modoenergy.com/pub/v1/gb/epex/day-ahead/hh>
EPEX Intraday 117:30 day-ahead of delivery<https://api.modoenergy.com/pub/v1/gb/epex/intra-day/d1>
EPEX Intraday 208:00 on the day of delivery<https://api.modoenergy.com/pub/v1/gb/epex/intra-day/d>

Results on the API endpoints will typically be available 30 mins later. This depends on:

  • How quickly the auction itself runs - and how quickly results are available - allow around 15 mins for this.
  • When we pull the EPEX or Nordpool endpoint to retrieve the data - the details of when we pull the data is on each endpoint reference page.

If you need it more quickly and our timings are hindering you, do get in touch!

What does this data look like?

Have a look at this plot of the prices of all 6 auctions over three days in November for GB.