API Rate Limits

Modo Energy's API is created for seamless usage. To keep the service secure and running at maximum speeds for all users, we need some limits on what each individual user can do. These limits are designed to be high enough for the vast majority of our customers.

If you run into any of these limits, get in touch with us using the live chat (bottom right) or email us at [email protected]

Your API rate limits depend on the subscription plan your team is on.

SubscriptionThrottling (calls/min per organization)Call limit (call/month per organization)
Data Pro1000 calls/min10 million calls/month
Benchmark Pro
Markets Pro
Forecast Pro
Research Pro
100 calls/min1 million calls/month
(w/ x-token)
100 calls/min1 million calls/month
(w/o x-token)
5 calls/minNone