Modo Energy API - RELAUNCHED! 🚀

Welcome to the newer, better, faster and more powerful Modo Energy API!

Our all-new Modo Energy API is designed for leading software development and analyst teams operating in energy, cleantech and battery energy storage:

  • Access more data from across the entire energy industry all in one place - including paid external dataset, Modo proprietary data and free/open energy data (see our data roadmap here)
  • Offer the highest and most modern API standards in line with SaaS best practices
  • Clear documentation and an enjoyable developer experience, saving you time and headaches

We have invested in an all-new data infrastructure to ensure our API offers you unparalleled reliability, speed and scalability.

Our API documentation includes guides, how-to's, helpful video examples, code recipes, testable API calls and more - all designed to get you from zero to full-speed as quickly as possible! Whether you are a seasoned API pro or a relative beginner, we aim to give you the best experience possible.

The Modo API is available to all Modo users (even if you aren't registered on the platform yet!) - and the higher your subscription the more datasets and powerful API functionality you can access. Our most powerful paid and proprietary datasets are available exclusively to our Modo Data Pro subscribers.

We have an aggressive roadmap of new paid and free datasets coming to the API over the next few months. There is much more coming and as always, we value your feedback and ideas - keep tuned and keep in touch!


  • New URLs and conventions to the API structure Info Here
  • Dedicated data structure service, improving reliability and speed
  • New page dedicated to documentation and API users (this)
  • Guides section to onboard new users