1.4- Far and Instantaneous, Faster

EPEX Raw data (All) + GB Power Curves + Faster NG and Elexon

We have released an improvement for our EPEX integration, now offering data on trades for all modalities, hh, 1h, 2h, 4h.

We have also released GB Hourly Power Curves, a forecast of energy prices going forward into the future with hourly granularity.

Finally, we have also released optimisation for our ELEXON and National Grid datasets, which means you should now have a faster response time when querying them


We have released the following new datasets:

  • GB Hourly Power Curves
  • EPEX Raw data for all contracts
  • Optimization of ELEXON and National Grid datasets


  • EPEX Reference prices (HH and Blended)
  • Datasets out of BETA (Historical Data)
  • Query Parameters Standardisation