1.3.1 - EPEX, Parsimoniously

EPEX Raw data (Half Hourly Product)

We have released the initial datasets from our EPEX M7 integration. This is a work we've been doing for quite a while, and I am happy to show the first fruits from it.

Currently, the endpoints will only show information about the products regarding the half hourly period. We will change that on the next release to cover all modalities of trade.

Soon, we will also be releasing two extra endpoints, regarding the reference price calculations on EPEX, one taking into consideration only the HH product and another blended one, for those already used to EPEX - RPD and RPD_HH.

There might be some extras...or not, but I wouldn't dare to ruin any surprises


We have released the following new datasets:

  • EPEX Continuous Intra Day Contract Info Report
  • EPEX Continuous Intra Day Public Trade Confirmation Report


  • EPEX Raw data for the other contracts (1H, 2H, 4H)
  • EPEX Reference prices (HH and Blended)
  • Datasets out of BETA (Historical Data)
  • Query Parameters Standardisation