1.3 - Across the Pond and Deeper in Britain

Solar Generation Forecast, 10Hz Frequency, ERCOT, UX/UI

This is the biggest release in the API history in terms of different datasets at a time. It is also the first time we go beyond just GB and take our first baby step towards our global ambitions.


We have released the following new datasets:

  • Sheffield Solar: State of the art models for the forecast of solar energy generation in Great Britain, both in national aggregation as well as local (by GSP/PES)
  • 10 Hz Frequency Data: This data is measured by ourselves in our Birmingham office with our own hardware.
  • ERCOT: Initial batch of datasets for the ERCOT ISO, responsible for Texas, US.
    We have also released UX/UI improvements: This should enable you better usability of the documentation, with examples answers of the API, also allowing you to know exactly what the dataset will provide without necessarily making the API call. Especially useful if you don't yet have access to our API.