1.13.1 - Rearranged files and even more EPEX



We've completed our set of EPEX data with one final dataset:

This is the historical data for the EPEX intraday reference price, released by EPEX at the end of the day.

We've also added our 4 EPEX Auction endpoints (DA hourly, DA half-hourly, IDA1 and IDA2) to data downloads.

Monthly Leaderboard - column rename

We've renamed the column rated_power_mv to rated_power_mw in the Monthly Leaderboard dataset.

We've tidied up the place

We've put some of our endpoints into subfolders and given some a rename.

  • Our EPEX Live endpoints are in their own subfolder within EPEX.
  • To prepare for Elexon's BMRS data service being replaced by Elexon Insights, the Elexon BMRS data has been separated into its own subfolder. All the other Elexon Insights endpoints have been separated into Dynamic BM, Physical BM, Forecasts, and System as well.
  • Our ERCOT datasets have been rearranged into sub-folders (DAM, RTM, SASM and System) and they have been renamed.

We made this change to make it as easy to find the data you need as possible. Any questions? Click the question mark in the bottom right to get chatting to us.