1.13 - EPEX Live!



We've released our brand new set of EPEX data.


We're now using live data from the EPEX M7 to produce real-time indices for the GB intraday continuous electricity market.

We are collecting improved versions of:

  • EPEX Live Continuous Intraday Contract Info Report
  • EPEX Live Continuous Intraday Public Trade Confirmation Report

Directly from EPEX, which are combined into:

  • EPEX Live Continuous Intraday Detailed Trades

This is then used to calculate our live indices, which updates as every trade is made. This includes:

Reference Prices for each period:

  • EPEX Live Continuous Intraday Reference Price
  • EPEX Live Continuous Intraday Reference Price HH

Open High Low Close data for each period:

  • EPEX Live Continuous Intraday OHLC

FTP formats

We've made further improvements to the format of our EPEX day-ahead and intraday auction endpoints (DA and IDA, respectively). This change affects:

  • EPEX Day-Ahead Half-Hourly
  • EPEX Day-Ahead Hourly
  • EPEX IDA1 results (title changed from "EPEX ID D1")
  • EPEX IDA2 results (title changed from "EPEX ID D")

The change consists of:

  • Reformatting the data into a non-nested format, as a time series, to make it easier to use.
  • Handling daylight savings hours by converting into UTC rather than local time.
  • Adding unit columns.
  • Making column names consistent with our N2EX endpoints so you can easily compare all wholesale data.

Check out our set of new and improved endpoints for EPEX, and let us know what you think!

Other changes

We've fixed the ERCOT RTM - Historical energy prices endpoint which now should have a full set of data.

The Generation by Fuel Type (Elexon) endpoint has been renamed from Frequency Generation type.