1.12 - EPEX improvements, Benchmarking Pro USA


We've updated our EPEX data to be more user friendly, and introduced Benchmarking Pro USA!

EPEX Updates

We've updated the formats and titles of EPEX's day-ahead and intraday auctions (DA and IDA, respectively). It's now in a simpler time-series format. The relevant datasets are:

  • EPEX Day-Ahead Half-Hourly
  • EPEX Day-Ahead Hourly
  • EPEX IDA1 results (title changed from "EPEX ID D1")
  • EPEX IDA2 results (title changed from "EPEX ID D")

The intraday auction endpoints also now have clearer descriptions, and we've cleared some bugs with our day-ahead data to ensure we get the results for the next day as quickly as possible. Check them out, and let us know what you think!

Benchmarking Pro USA

This new subscription is for the Modo Energy datasets in the US section of our API.